5 Reasons Why You Should Become a Veterinarian

If you love animals, there’s no more rewarding of a career than becoming a veterinarian. The career requires at least seven years of college and long days at work, but it can be worth every sacrifice. If you are considering applying to a veterinary school, you may be wondering if this career is right for you. Knowing why you want to become a veterinarian is important before you make a considerable time and financial investment to become one. Here are some things you need to know about this career and five reasons why you should become a veterinarian.

What Do Veterinarians Do?

Before you try to figure out why you should become a veterinarian, you may want to know what they do on a daily basis. A veterinarian examines and treats a wide range of animals. Like general dentistry and orthodontics, these animal doctors diagnose diseases and perform surgeries using modern surgical tools and equipment. Veterinarians can work in a variety of settings from clinics to zoos to laboratories. A veterinarian may also make house calls to one of the many farmlands valued at $3.7 trillion in total across the country.

As a group health provider, you can perform routine preventative care and prescribe medication for animals as needed. You can choose to specialize in certain veterinary fields such as internal medicine or ophthalmology. Some veterinarians may also perform research and ethical testing on animals with drug therapies and surgical techniques. Administrative tasks such as scheduling appointments and maintaining business records may be daily responsibilities you’ll need to take care of until you can delegate it. If you want to make a significant impact on society by contributing to scientific publications and influencing public research, then this can be a great reason why you should become a veterinarian.

You Can Help Animals Every Day

There is no greater joy than having the opportunity to make a significant difference in an animal’s – and family’s – life. What better way is there to get paid than by doing something you already love? Getting to help animals improve their overall health and wellbeing every day is a great reason why you should become a veterinarian. As a veterinarian, you can help relieve suffering in animals caused by chronic illnesses or traumatic injuries. You can save animals’ lives by preventing overpopulation through spaying and neutering.

Every moment is a new and interesting challenge as you deal with whatever walks on four legs through the front door of your practice. You may set fractures, prescribe medications, or perform surgery. As a veterinarian, you’ll collect blood, urine, and other body fluids to figure out what’s wrong with an animal. By thorough testing, you can solve the mystery with your expert knowledge and help the animal to heal quickly with minimal discomfort. You may have to comfort a scared animal before you are able to treat it. It can give you a great sense of satisfaction and pride to see a sick animal get better while under your care.

There will be times that no matter what you do, an animal’s medical condition may not get better. Veterinarians may have to euthanize a sick or injured animal and counsel pet owners about when to make this decision. Dealing with end-of-life issues can be heartbreaking for the veterinarian and the pet owner. However, you can make things easier for everyone involved by taking compassionate actions to help relieve discomfort and suffering. You can give families the information they need to make the pet’s last days as enjoyable as possible and help them come to a decision as to when to say their final goodbyes.

You Can Advise Families On How to Keep Their Pets Safe and Healthy

Another fantastic benefit in why you should become a veterinarian is the ability to help humans take care of their animals. As a veterinarian, you can advise pet owners on how to keep their animals safe and healthy. Many pet owners have concerns about their pet’s nutritional and emotional needs. Pets can’t communicate with their owners when something is wrong, and it can be frustrating for a pet owner to see their animal suffer. A pet’s needs will change depending on their breed and age.

You can help pet owners with grooming and sanitation practices by showing them how to feed and care for their animals. You can educate a pet owner about normal behavior with their pet and the best ways to go about behavior training. Owners can use security door locks to keep their pets away from dangerous areas in the home. This can be especially helpful in kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms where hazardous household chemicals are typically kept. You can also help keep pets safe through microchips and tags that can help find them if they get lost or stolen.

If an owner is having renovations done to their home, like roof repair, this can be a source of stress for their pets. A veterinarian can help keep the pet safe by recommending the owners create a safe space with treats where the pet can hide. This can help keep the pet safe from escaping and getting hurt or potentially attacking the strangers entering their home. It may be a good idea to have a pet sitter or family member watch the pet while repairs are being done. Stress can be reduced through exercise and medication if necessary.

Many pet owners also have concerns about what to do with pets while traveling. You can show pet owners how to safely secure their pets in the car so they don’t cause driving distractions. These distractions can cause serious injuries for the pet and the passengers in the car. You can recommend using a crate, carrier, or special harness that attaches to a seatbelt to help keep everyone safe. Pet owners can learn from you how to take frequent restroom and feeding breaks during travel and how to keep them comfortable in warmer temperatures.

You Can Run Your Own Practice

Another reason you may want to consider as to why you should become a veterinarian is the ability to own your own business. Many veterinarians own and operate private practices. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, about 60% of the positions held by veterinarians are clinical practice roles. Owning a veterinary clinic can help you hone your business skills, which is another reason why you should become a veterinarian. You’ll develop your skills as a leader by taking on the responsibility of decision-making to grow and expand your business. There are so many decisions you will have to make and be responsible for.

Owning your own veterinary clinic means you’ll have to step up your efforts to get clients. You can use commercial storefront framing to make your business attractive to potential customers. Learning how to advertise through local newspapers and media is a great way to grow your practice. Networking and creating partnerships with local community organizations can help you reach animals that are in dire need of your services. You can also get clients through social media by getting referrals and using testimonials from clients you may have already served.

As a veterinary practice business owner, you can develop your financial management and marketing skills, too. You can hire a web design company to create a professional website to attract clients and generate revenue. You’ll learn how to communicate effectively with clients and staff. Being a veterinary practice owner also involves hiring and training staff. You get to choose exactly who you want to work with and how you’d like things done.

You Can Design Your Business and Its Aesthetic

As a business owner, you can design how your practice looks in any way you desire. There are certain expenses you’ll need to make to ensure your practice meets the requirements necessary for taking care of animals. You’ll need commercial plumbing for you and your staff to be able to use the restroom and wash your hands. In designing your own private practice, you’ll need to decide where equipment will go and how clients will navigate the space. You can choose the colors of the walls, the design of the floors, and the type of furniture and accessories for the waiting room.

With many animals under your care, you’ll want to make sure they are safe overnight if they have to stay for medical care. You can use commercial locksmith services to provide security against theft and property damage. A veterinary clinic will also need adequate ventilation and temperature control to keep everyone comfortable. Designing your clinic will depend on the building your clinic is in and your overall budget. You may want to seek professional help so that your private practice can operate as efficiently as possible.

You’ll also want to ensure that your clients receive the best experience possible. It’s important that clients receive a warm and friendly reception and have multiple ways to book appointments. You can provide materials to educate patients on pet care while they wait in the reception area for their appointment. You can design ways to update clients on what’s happening with their pets during major medical procedures. Playing calm music and using soft lighting can help keep pets and their owners more relaxed during appointments.

If you plan to expand to multiple locations, you’ll need to design systems to keep operations running smoothly and consistently. You may need to consider using veterinary practice management software in order to keep track of activity at multiple locations. Schedules will need to be designed to keep employees happy to provide the best care for your clients. You may also need systems to remind clients about future visits and medications. As the owner of a veterinary clinic, you can design all of these systems to create a unique practice that engages loyal customers for years to come.

You Can Earn a Great Living

Earning a great living while doing what you love is a fantastic reason why you should become a veterinarian. The average salary for a veterinarian is around $89,000 per year. Some veterinarians are able to earn up to $200,000 annually. With these earnings, you can afford luxuries you may have desired for a long time, such as custom rings or designer clothing. You can increase your earnings with board certifications and specialty training.

The amount of money you earn can depend on the location in which you live. Veterinarians in major cities make more money but typically have higher costs of living. Commercial veterinarians and those involved in research and education generally earn more than animal doctors with their own private practice. Job growth and stability are relatively high for this field. Veterinarian jobs are expected to see an 18% growth through 2028, compared to a 16% growth for other healthcare occupations.

As a veterinarian, another benefit as to why you should become a veterinarian is that you can set your own hours when you have your own private practice. You can set your own rates and take on as many clients as you choose. Managing your money properly with investments can help you earn more. Proper financial management in your business can help you avoid unnecessary expenses. With the money you earn, you can buy a new boat for sale and spend some vacation time on the water with your family.

There are many ways outside of a veterinary practice that a veterinarian can earn income. Veterinarians are often viewed as a highly-respected profession by others in their local communities. They are often asked to speak at conferences and seminars, for which they’re paid a fee. Veterinarians can also earn money by writing books and selling pet care products to their customers. Many veterinarians earn money on the side through consulting or coaching.

Before you begin your journey, it’s important to hone in on the reasons why you should become a veterinarian that matter most to you. Doing this will help motivate you when times get tough. Being a veterinarian is highly rewarding, but it isn’t easy. When you know why animal medicine is the career for you, you’ll be able to make a bigger impact in the lives of pets and their owners. Start your journey to help animals be happier and healthier by enrolling in veterinary school today!