6 Reasons You Need to Care for Your Pet’s Teeth

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Americans love their pets. In the United States there are an estimated 46.3 million households with dogs and 38.9 million that have cats. Even when economic times are tough, people do not scrimp when it comes to caring for their furry friends. According to Forbes Magazine, at least 92% of people who have pets will spend the same amount or even more during a recession than they do otherwise. One thing that people often overlook is their pet’s dental health. Just like people need to brush their teeth, it is important to care for the teeth of our cats and dogs. Experts say that by the time they reach the age of three, 80% of all pet dogs and 70% of all pet cats have signs of dental problems. These can lead to chronic pain, abscesses and loose teeth. Experts at animal medical centers give the following reasons to properly care for your pet’s teeth.

  1. Their breath will be better. When you care for your pet’s teeth, the resulting clean teeth will make their breath smell a lot better. Good oral health and hygiene practices go a long way in improving a pet’s breath. We may love our pets but most of us do not love their breath.
  2. You can prevent heart disease by keeping their teeth healthy. Dental illnesses and diseases can spread to other parts of the body. In people and in pets, the heart is often an organ that can be vulnerable to attack from bacteria that first grows in the mouth. You can prevent needing to take your pet for expensive veterinary surgery or other veterinary services at the animal medical center when you properly care for your pet’s teeth. You will save a lot of money on your pet’s health care if you make sure you pay attention to the health of their teeth and gums.
  3. Have your pet’s mouth checked for retained baby teeth. Baby teeth that do not fall out can cause lots of problems. Both dogs and cats have to lose their baby teeth before their adult teeth can grow in. Adult cats have 30 teeth, adult dogs have 42. There are a lot of times when the baby teeth in cats and dogs do not fall out the way they should. This can lead to the build up of tartar and irritation of the gums.
  4. Pets need daily tooth brushings. You probably brush your own teeth at least twice a day, your pets need their teeth to be cleaned every day as well. This is for the same reasons. You eat every day and so do your pets. Their teeth are prone to plaque and tartar build up just like yours are. By cleaning them every day, you can do a lot to help keep your pets healthy and happy. If you need help with learning how to do this, you can talk to people at the local animal medical center.
  5. Your pet can lose their teeth, too. When you do not take care of your pet’s teeth, they can become decayed and be very painful. Your veterinarian can help you prevent this by helping you properly care for your pet’s teeth. There are a lot of veterinary options that can help you save your pet from that kind of pain. When you care for their teeth every day, you do a lot to keep their mouths pain free.
  6. Poorly maintained teeth can be very painful. Your cat or dog is very good at hiding it when they are in pain. The fact of the matter is that you will most likely have no idea your pet is in pain until the problem that is causing the pain is very far advanced. When you brush your pet’s teeth every day, you can keep an eye out for problems when they are small and are easier to deal with. Your pet may not tell you that they are in pain but you may be able to catch dental problems early enough to help them avoid a trip to the animal medical center.

Paying close attention to our pet’s teeth is a big part of keeping our cats and dogs healthy and happy.