Buy Some Fine Coral for a Salt Water Aquarium

Coral is a member of the animal kingdom, even though it may not look the part. Although coral resembles plants, these are in fact clusters of colonies that make up a single animal, and coral is part of the animal kingdom’s phylum of Porifera. A person may find corals for sale for many different uses, and these non-moving animals can serve as decorations for an aquarium, as sponges or skin care products, and more. Coral is not often eaten or used as a pet, but coral may serve a similar function as plants or non-living decorations in a fish tank. Chalice corals, Montipora, and other types of coral may be found, and corals for sale may be found in coral packs or as individuals in a vendor’s water tank. What is there to know about finding corals for sale, and what to do with them?


Coral is prized by human beings for their visual component, among other uses. In this particular topic, a person may look for corals for sale as living decorations in a fish tank, and coral may happily grow alongside plants in a tank. Buying fish is a different topic, but a fish tank owner may coordinate the species of fish and coral alike to make sure there aren’t any compatibility issues between them. Different types of coral may be found across the world’s reefs, and different coral species may have preferences on water temperature, the other species of coral that it shares a tank with, and other factors. Someone looking for corals for sale to decorate a fish tank may want to remember that coral is a living thing. It may be tempting to see coral as an exotic rock, but this is far from true.

These are primitive but sensitive animals, and a responsible tank owner will ensure that coral has its needs and preferences suited. This ranges from water salinity to the species of fish and other coral present all the way to water temperature. But if coral is bought and placed safely in the tank, it can make for a natural and beautiful addition to the tank. This adds visual appeal for the human owner, and the pets inside such as fish, turtles, snails, and others will appreciate the natural cover and terrain.

other Uses For Coral

Why else might someone look for corals for sale? These animals are useful for more than fish or turtle tank decorations. Ever since the 1910s, corals has been harvested for all sorts of uses, often harvested in vast amounts for human use. A person might buy some corals to cultivate for such purposes as well, and find wholesale coral stock to acquire for their business. This is a lucrative industry, and many tons of corals are caught from the wild every year. And these freshly caught coral may be available wholesale to businesses who cultivate them and sell them. And in developing parts of the world, coral agriculture largely takes the place of catching them in the wild, and this may often be a family business.

What might all this coral be used for, aside from pet tank decorations? A major use of sea sponges is exactly that: bath sponges. Many bath sponges are synthetic to relieve pressure on wild populations and keep up with demand, but in the last two decades, plenty of authentic sponges have been used as well. The most expensive and prized sponges are those with soft and supple fibers and sponge skeletons, making them comfortable and practical to use.

Sea sponges have even proven useful as feminine hygiene products, and many women in the United States and United Kingdom alike make use of these natural materials for their needs. The correct species of sea sponges are in fact more absorbent than synthetic-material tampons are, and unlike synthetic tampons, these sea sponges are in fact possible to clean and use multiple times in this capacity. There are no known cases of women suffering from toxic reactions to using such ingredients, though users may still want to ensure that a sea sponge is free of bacteria or sand before using for this purpose. Such sponges are practical since they greatly reduce waste generated by the overall use of feminine hygiene products.