Four Reasons We Need to Take Our Dogs to the Clinic

Cat spay and neuter clinic

Americans love their dogs, and these wonderful animals provide us with love, companionship, affection, and even protection. They give us so much: we should be careful to also give them what they need. Here are the facts about why we should be taking our beloved furry family members to dog clinics a bit more often.

They Need To Eat Right

We’re concerned about what we eat; we should be just as concerned about what our dogs are chowing down on. A lot of dogs have food allergies, and nearly 66% of those are caused by dairy, wheat, and corn/grain fed beef in their food. Dogs are carnivores unable to digest wheat or most dairy, and they need protein from grass-fed, clean animals if they’re going to thrive. Dog clinics are a great place to get info on pet safety when it comes to food.

They Need to Take Care of Their Teeth

Amazingly, 80% of dogs have dental disease by the time they’re three years old. And while a lot of vets try to explain to owners how important brushing is, 65% of pet owners aren’t doing it at all. It’s not nearly as hard as taking care of our own teeth. No flossing! But dental care for dogs is another great reason we should be heading to the dog clinics with our canine friends once in a while.

They Don’t Need to be Proud Mommy or Daddy

It’s amazing, but female dogs as young as just five months old are able to get pregnant. Puppies can be spayed as early as two months, though many people prefer to wait till six months and protect them from interaction with older dogs until that time. Either way, remember that fertile female dogs are capable of producing two litters a year and that the average number of puppies they’re popping out each time is six to ten. That’s a lot of puppies to find homes for, and a lot of physical wear and tear on momma dog. Spaying or neutering our dogs is an important service we need to make sure they’re getting at our local dog clinics.

They Need Checkups, Too

We go to the doctor to get a physical, and our dogs need them, too. The vet’s office may not be the most fun visit for our dogs, but it’s good for them. Regular visits and checkups not only prevent problems down the line, but also helps our dogs get used to being at dog clinics. If they go and have some low-key interaction with a vet–usually with treats involved!–they’re going to have an easier time when the tough visits come later.

We love our dogs enough to pay for them, to feed them, to get them treats, to buy them puzzles and clothes, and to find walking services for them. We even let them tear up our cars and our houses! Let’s not fail when it comes to getting them the medical care they need.