Leg Wraps and Braces for Dogs and Horses

A variety of animal species have been domesticated across the millennia, usually either as livestock (cows, chickens, etc) or as working animals, such as dogs and horses. The domestication of gray wolves in prehistoric times was a turning point for early humanity, and today’s dogs are often pets, but they can also work to sniff out bombs, drugs, and survivors of disasters (and they make for good hunting companions, too). Historically, horses were used to draw carriages, work on farms, and serve as war mounts, and while these jobs are now obsolete, horses are popular for hobby riding and breeding, and they feature in horse shows and can be found at nearly any ranch. These animals need care, and that ranges from proper medicine and grooming to horse wraps, braces for calves, ankle brace socks, and more. Dogs may get canine leg wraps, splints, and therapeutic beds during recovery from a physical injury.

Horse Wraps and More

The owner of a ranch or farm will want to take good care of their horses, and if their animals develop a limp or get injured, it is time to call upon horse doctors to make a diagnosis. The very idea of horse doctors is a time-honored one, as horses were once vital for many industries, and this profession continues today. A horse’s sudden behavioral changes may signal an internal injury, such as refusing to run, or refusing to allow riders or similar weights be placed on it. Or, it may start shifting its weight from one leg to another repeatedly. A horse doctor can look over the animal and make a diagnosis, such as a fractured or broken bone, arthritis and joint swelling, or sprained muscles.

For physical recovery, a horse may get not only medication, but treatment items like horse wraps and fleece blankets. Modern horse wraps are designed to allow a horse to stand and trot comfortably, without putting more strain on the affected area during recovery. In this way, a recovering horse doesn’t have to sacrifice mobility, and this is convenient for the horse and its owner alike. Sometime similar can be said about leg brace at the joint or anywhere else. Wraps can also help prevent swelling.

Dogs and Physical Treatment

Similar medical care can be provided for dogs, too, which are usually either household pets or working animals, such as for police or even the military. Domestic dogs and cats avoid many of the hazards that regularly confront strays, but it’s still possible for pets to get hurt, such as if they fall from a height, get in fights with strays, or suffer a glancing blow from a car or motorcycle. Or, a dog may get its paw caught on a tree root or snag it in a hole while running, and this may sprain or injure its hock joint (similar to a human ankle or wrist). Geriatric dogs and cats can also get arthritis, just like people, and suffer sprains or joint swelling.

A pet owner should be sure to notice right away if their animal is in distress, limping, or unable to walk or run properly, and this should lead to a visit to local vet clinics or animal hospitals. Among other treatment, the dog may have hock braces or leg wraps fitted on in case of a sprain or bone fracture, and broken bones can first be set, then secured with bandages and splints. Dogs vary greatly in size, so a veterinarian will measure the pet and get it wraps and braces of the correct size and shape.

This can reduce swelling and prevent further distress to the affected area while the dog recovers, and as with horse braces, a dog doesn’t have to sacrifice mobility while recovering. It can comfortably stand, walk, and possibly run. Also, a dog undergoing physical recovery like this can be provided with a therapeutic dog bed, which will be a thick bed that easily conforms to the dog’s body. The idea is that such a bed won’t put any pressure or strain on the dog’s joints, legs, or bones during recovery, so it has a comfortable and safe place to lay down. Also, these therapeutic dog beds can be fitted into carrying kennels and crate during transport.

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