Pros and Cons of being a veterinarian

It takes four years of extra schooling to become a veterinarian in an animal hospital, so it’s best to learn the pros and cons of the job before making such a commitment. There are just as many cons as there are pros to being a vet.

The Pros

Veterinarians command great respect in society, more so than workers in other occupations.

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Vets get to save animals’ lives and relieve their pain. They get to work with animals every day. They make huge differences not only in their pets’ lives but in the lives of their human family members. Many also become their own bosses. In most instances, they can dress however they want.

The Cons

Becoming a vet is very expensive. Most vets graduate with considerable debt. There is no way to work on a predictable schedule. Animals get sick or injured 24/7. Vets have very little free time since they often need to work on emergency cases. Vets also find out that even with all that expensive education, there are a lot of things about animals that are still unknown. Being unable to help an animal in pain can be stressful. In the end, even after a long and healthy life, death always claims a pet in the end.