Saving Time and Eggs with Rollaway Nest Boxes

Nest boxes

Each week many of us go to the nearest grocery store to pick up things like bread, milk, and eggs. It’s easy to take for granted where these items come from. Of course, as we learn at a fairly young age, eggs are laid by chickens. But the process that gets these eggs from the chickens to the store to your home is very involved, and requires several people and machines to get right.

The first and most crucial part of this egg relaying process is procuring the eggs from the chickens. To get the best and most eggs, chickens must be properly cared for, well fed, and allowed enough space to live, roam, and lay. For instance, the box needed for a hen to lay her eggs must be at least 12×12 inches. These boxes, known as nest boxes, allow space for the hen to lay its eggs, as well as provide a depository for the collector to remove the eggs when ready.

But not all nest boxes are created equal. Traditional boxes typically have the eggs fall a short distance beneath the hen, causing some eggs to break and others to be forgotten in the collection process. This is why roll away nest boxes (or roll out nest boxes) were invented. Here are three reasons roll away nest boxes are superior to traditional ones.

1) A Safe Landing

Roll away nest boxes are designed in such a way that allows eggs to softly and slowly roll from the hen to the end of the depository. Because these boxes feature a slope, the place where the eggs initially fall is raised closer to the hen than a typical flat bottom. Then, after the egg reaches the slope, it can safely roll from the top end to the bottom end, where it reaches the end of the box, ready to be collected.

2) No Egg Left Behind

Not only do roll away nest boxes help ensure eggs don’t crack or break, they also lead all eggs to the end of the depository where they can be easily seen, counted, and collected. Traditional nest boxes have no way of allowing the eggs to roll to the end of the depository, so the collector must reach in all areas of the box to make sure every egg is collected. The roll away design virtually eliminates this extra task, allowing every egg thats laid to be accounted for and collected.

3) A Good Investment

Whether you purchase, assemble, or build from scratch a roll away nest box, the time and money you put in will surely be returned by the amount of eggs and time you’ll save in the long run. Again, roll out nest boxes save eggs by letting them roll rather than fall. They also save time by providing an easily visible space to collect the eggs. So even if it takes some time to put together a roll away nest box, you’ll be doing yourself a favor by collecting more eggs in less time.

At the end of the day, the best nest box is the kind that allows a chicken enough space to happily lay its eggs while ensuring these eggs end up in good shape. Roll away nest boxes can provide these things for chickens and for consumers.

Eggs don’t just magically appear at the store or your refrigerator. They need to be properly procured. Fortunately, hens typically lay eggs every 25 hours, meaning plenty of eggs will be available for quite some time to come. Still, these eggs must be collected and transported properly before you can grab a dozen at the store. Perhaps this information on nest boxes lets you appreciate the ingenuity that goes into giving you that perfect omelette in the morning.

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