See How Veterinary Medicine Continues to Advance

Veterinarian listings

Individuals that may be looking for various listings of vets in their area may be surprised at some of the incredible advances in veterinary medicine recently. Veterinarian listings may tell people where to find a place to take their dog or cat, but they do not often report on the latest developments in the industry. On July 2, Oncura Partners Holdings announced a new ultrasound system that veterinarians all across the country could find to be incredibly useful.

This new system is a real time telemedicine system that could make detecting cancer and other problems in pets much more efficient. Most dog and cat owners know that cancer is the single largest killer of pets in America. Some breeds are predisposed to it, while other times it can be a total mystery. A vet listing website could also let people know which veterinarian may be best equipped to tell pet owners how to prevent such cancers from occurring.

Aside from providing their patients and their owners with quality preventative care, veterinarians are also taking steps to let people know about the little things. Last week, the Beattie Animal Hospital in Ontario, Canada put out a general reminder to pet owners that they should pick up medicated tick and flea prevention products. Pets that are not protected against insects could end up becoming seriously ill, even if they do not go outside. In time, more and more listings of vets online will show whether or not a specific vets office can provide products like these to their customers.

Pet owners that look online for a listings of vets may have more in mind than a routine checkup. Their animal may be exhibiting any number of troubling symptoms, including listlessness, mood swings or a strong physical reaction to being touched, petted or held. Going through a listing of vets could be the best thing for those who are concerned, and want to rule out the reasons that their pet may be in distress.