Benefits of Emotional Support Animal Certificationfor Your Pet

Mental illness is a health condition like other medical conditions and it’s a universal world problem affecting millions, if not billions, of people. This condition is often characterized by a change in a person’s thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

In collaboration with government institutions and private companies, mental health professionals are pushing for new ways of solving mental health problems. In recent years, one unusual solution that has proved effective in helping patients manage and recover from mental health disorders is the use of emotional support animals.

In a study conducted on pet owners, 74% of those surveyed reported mental health improvements from keeping animals as companions. It’s is believed that support pets offer a therapeutic level of comfort and companionship to calm people under stress.

What is an ESA Letter and How to Qualify for an Emotional Support Animal

An ESA letter is a letter issued by a licensed mental health professional confirming that you indeed suffering from mental illness and states the benefits you get from an emotional support pet. Keep in mind that not everyone qualifies for an ESA, and qualifying for an ESA letter you must be certified as psychological or emotional disabled.

All you need to do is speak with a psychologist or a therapist who’ll assess your mental state along with the symptoms, to try and establish if truly you’re suffering from a mental or emotional and determine whether you qualify for an ESA or not.

Benefits of Certification for Your Support Animal

  • Live or access any building with no-pet policy.
  • Enjoy NO Pet Deposit or monthly pet fees for any apartment.
  • No extra monthly pet fees
  • Fly with your pet in-cabin
  • Keep your pet safe and focused.

Though the benefits of certification for an emotional support pet are evident, some people seek shortcuts to get an ESA letter and some end up being scammed by vague online sites. However, there are a number of credible sites that can help you ESA online application process. So if you’re looking to go this route ensure to conduct a thorough background check on the site by going through customer reviews and testimonials.