Why are Therapy Blankets Helpful?

The study reveals that about 44% of all households in the U.S have a dog. It’s, therefore, prudent to ensure they live comfortably. Taking care of pets is more than just feeding them. Apart from using a therapy blanket, a 30-minute walk and daily exercise benefit most pets, especially dogs, cats, and horses.

If your pet is getting older, it’s time to get him/her a therapeutic blanket or therapeutic mattress pad. Studies indicate that one in five dogs has arthritis. As your dog ages, you may notice it becoming less active and slowing down. Canines are brave, and they mask their discomfort. You should, therefore, be keen when you see any changes. Arthritis is a chronic disease, and it can be sapping.

Symptoms of arthritis include;

  • Slow gait
  • Depression
  • Reluctant to be active
  • Urinating indoors
  • Swelling may be evident
  • Loss or gain of weight

A complete lifestyle change may give your pet comfort. More so, there are therapeutic dog products that may provide your dog with peace of mind. Therapy pet mat, therapy dog bed, and dog leg wraps are some of the effective products that can help in alleviating arthritis.

Horses are also pets that might experience injuries and suffer arthritis. You can opt to have products such as horse hock wraps, horse leg brace, pad on the back to prevent injuries.

Can a Therapy Blanket be Beneficial to Your Dog?

A therapy blanket, commonly known as a weighted blanket, is famous for its ability to ease insomnia, fight stress, and minimize anxiety. Due to these benefits, pet owners have resolved into buying one for their pets. But can it offer the same benefits to dogs?

A therapy blanket offers Deep Touch Pressure (DTP), which helps the body to relieve serotonin. This chemical helps in modulating and regulating some rain function. As a result, it offers a calming effect on the nervous system.

If your canine friend is stressed, then a therapy blanket may be a viable solution. Dogs that fear loud noises may find a therapy blanket calming. The blanket mimics the feeling of being cuddled or hugged, which helps in releasing serotonin. This calms their nervous system.

How Can a Therapy Blanket Help You?

You spend your nights tossing and turning. You can’t find your nights comfortable and peaceful. You might be stressed, restless, or anxious. A piece of relaxing music or a hot bath may help for some hours. However, a therapeutic blanket might be a long-term solution. The blanket was designed to help people ease anxieties. It creates the sense of being cuddled.

Other benefits include;

Releases Serotonin – A therapeutic blanket offers a gentle and deep pressure. The DTP stimulation promotes the release of dopamine and serotonin. These are brain chemicals that provide a calming effect to curb stress, anxiety, and depression.

Combats Insomnia – You may have a problem sleeping or waking up in the wee hours, cursing your alarm, or you can’t sleep at all. Therapy blankets may offer the needed help. Psychologists believe that the material used in creating therapeutic blankets are effective in providing a light touch sensation, which feels like a caress. It stimulates the release of brain chemicals to soothe the nervous system.

Reduces Cortisol – A therapeutic blanket will ground your body to enhance a calming effect deeply. It also helps in reducing stress hormone— cortisol.

Ease Arthritis – Does arthritis disrupt your sleep? This is a chronic illness that makes you uncomfortable and can make you lose your sleep. Most people resolve to therapy socks or warm knee braces. However, a therapeutic blanket may be your ultimate solution. The blanket offer DTP, which helps in the secretion of serotonin.

The therapeutic blanket is both beneficial to you and your pets. If you’re looking for a natural way of fighting insomnia, stress, and anxiety, then get a weighted blanket. Importantly, ensure you buy from a reliable vendor. Choose the right size and work with your budget.