Dog Day Care For Your Beloved Pet

A dog owner can and should do all kinds of things to keep their pet happy and healthy, from routine visits to the doctor’s office all the way to finding a local daycare for puppies or older dogs. But a daycare for puppies isn’t a kennel; they shouldn’t be confused with each other. Instead, a typical daycare for puppies and dogs is a well lit and fun space where dogs can roam free and play, and these centers often include doggy grooming as well as puppy daycare. And even if a local daycare doesn’t offer grooming, a pet owner can find large pet shops that do, and get their dog groomed just right. Now, what should a dog owner look for when finding local daycare for puppies and dogs, and how do dog grooming services do their work?

Looking for Local Dog Daycare Centers

Going on a search for dog daycare centers might feel similar to looking up a preschool for a child, and a dog owner can get some trustworthy reference if they ask their dog’s vet first. A vet is bound to know a few local dog daycare centers for any puppy or grown dog, and besides that, the dog owner can look for daycare centers with an online search specific to their area. Like “daycare for puppies los angeles” (and add their ZIP code). Online customer rating services can help the dog owner filter out daycare centers that get low ratings, and narrow it down to the highly rated ones instead. But that’s just the start; the dog owner can now make a list of the most promising dog daycare centers and visit them in person, one by one, and meet the staff.

This is a great way to get a solid first impression of any dog daycare center, and the dog owner can consult the staff to ask them some questions. In fact, a reputable daycare for puppies won’t even require a pet owner to set up an appointment first; they can just visit anytime at their convenience. It might actually be a red flag if a daycare center doesn’t allow surprise visits.

Assuming all goes well, the dog owner can now ask the staff about their qualifications, since it’s important that everyone working there is well trained and knowledgeable about handling dogs and puppies (and they should have some experience, too). Any good daycare for puppies will have options for any problem or emergency that might come up, anything from a dog getting bullied all the way to severe weather or a dog getting sick. Besides that, the visiting pet owner can check to be sure the daycare center is well maintained, clean, and fully stocked, and see how relaxed and happy the dogs there are. Ideally, the dogs there are in a good mood and aren’t stressed or anxious for any reason. Also, when it’s time for the dogs to socialize and play/exercise together, it’s important that the daycare owners group the dogs not by size or breed, but by temperament and personality. Any visiting pet owner should ask and make sure this is the case, so the dogs won’t antagonize or bully each other.

If the pet owner needs their puppy or dog to get groomed and bathed, they can visit any professional dog grooming service, some of which are a standalone business, and others are built right into major pet shop retailers for convenience. Finding a good groomer is similar to finding a good daycare for puppies; that is, finding highly-rated groomers online and checking them out in person to see how clean and well-maintained they are. The guest can consult the staff and make sure everyone there is well trained, and they can also ask about what kind of grooming products are used on the dogs there. The pet owner can also ask for options about grooming an anxiety-prone dog, such as making sure just one person handles the dog at a time. In some cases, the dog owner can hire a mobile groomer that can visit the owner’s home, so the dog can relax in a familiar environment while being taken care of.