Doggy Daycare is Your Pet’s Home Away From Home!

When you have to go somewhere and can’t take your dog along with you, there is dog daycare available in most areas. A doggy daycare is just what it sounds like- daytime care for dogs so that they aren’t alone all day. The best dog sitting service is one that doesn’t keep dogs in cages all day and instead lets them run around outdoors as well as in. Dogs need plenty of exercise each day to stay healthy and happy.

These days, it’s easier than ever to become a dog boarder. Apps make it easier to find a dog service nearby, and just about anyone can do it. This can be a good alternative for doggy daycare. With boarding daycare dog owners can choose the kind of care they want their dog to have while they’re gone. With a good environment, you can be assured that your dog will have some enjoyable times while being boarded and won’t be missing you too much. This can make it easier to lea when you need to in order to get things done. Then, the next time your dog needs to be boarded, they won’t be afraid of the place when you arrive.

The relationship between dogs and their owners is a significant one. 94% dog owners admit that their canine companion causes them to smile at least one time each day. On average, dog owners spent more than $200 per year out of pocket to pay
local veterinarians for their pet’s medical expenses. About 33% of dog owners communicate with their dogs by leaving messages on their home answering machines during the day while they are gone. This may be helpful to the dog because dogs are social creatures. This need for social contact is a good reason to consider placing your pet in doggy daycare.There are an average 1.6 dogs as pets per household in the U.S., according to the AVMA—a much larger number than the American 74,059,000 domesticated cats kept as pets. Whether they have just showered or returned from a spa, dogs recognize their owners by the way they smell. That may be why your dog instantaneously knows who you are the moment you walk in through the front door.

At doggy daycare, your animal will have the advantage of having social contact with other pets, an experience that will help him learn how to behave properly. Also, the average pet daycare employs well trained, experienced, and loving handlers who adore animals. They will provide your dog with lots of personal attention. The dog to handler ration at the typical dog daycare is quite low, meaning that your beloved furry friend will get the attention he needs while you go about your day. Doggy daycare, goes a long way towards making animals feel safe when their owners are not around.

Many pet owners hope to find pet boarding in addition to doggy daycare. The good news is that sometimes doggy daycare establishments double as kennels for dogs. These boarding kennels can house a pet overnight, for one or two days, or even a week while you are out of town. This can be a great service for pet owners who do not have anyone else to take care of their animals while they are on vacation or traveling on business.

Doggy daycare is relatively inexpensive. When you think about how well cared for your canine companion will be at a doggy daycare center, it is absolutely worth it to sign him up. Putting your pet in doggy daycare can enrich your relationship with him while adding to his overall happiness and sociability. Research more here.