Why Dog Owners Are Turning to Dating Sites to Find Their Pets Friends

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If you have a pet, closing the door behind in the morning as you are heading out for work can be heartbreaking. The longing eyes that pets give you, in particular dogs, during those few seconds before the door shuts are enough to make you feel like a terrible person for leaving them alone, even for just a few hours.

A study by the Lakewood, Colorado-based American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) back in 2,000 found that 75% of pet owners who were surveyed reported feeling guilty about leaving their animal home alone while they are at work.

Considering that an estimated 4% of the 55 million dogs currently owned in the United States suffer from separation anxiety, you can?t really blame them. However, everyone still has to work to make ends meet, so many owners are desperate to find friends and companionship for their dogs.

In order to get their dogs some friends, 44% of the participants in the AAHA study acquired another animal solely to keep their pet company while they?re gone.

While that can be a great resolution, another pet does require more time and especially more money to be expended by the owner. For many, life is hectic and expensive enough on its own with just one or even no pets.

As a result, many owners have turned to dog dating sites to find their pets companions. Not all of the owners are using these sites just to find their dogs some friends. Breeders are also prominent users of these sites.

It can be difficult to find breeders in general, let alone those who breed your specific type of dog. These sites open up a large line of communication for these individuals, as well as provides some extra assurance than simply finding ads on local listings, such as Craigslist.

Understandably though, not everyone is looking to care for an entire litter of puppies. Instead, finding a part-time companion for dogs could make the lives of owners and the pets alike, much easier.