Expand Your Vet Practice With These Direct Mail Tips

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There is a reason you get direct mail from companies. No matter what your business is, it is an effective way to communicate with your customers and clients. Whether you are sending your clients veterinary sympathy cards or veterinary reminder cards, sending them is an important part of your business plan. Newer technology makes it easier than ever to get these important messages out. You can do a lot of it in your office. From printing mailing label stickers to scheduling your mailings to go out once a month, you can make your direct mail plan increase your business and improve your bottom line.

  1. Create and build a great list. If you have an established veterinary practice, you have one part of your list already. You have your clients who know you. Remember, there are a lot of pet owners out there. Most American households have at least one pet. It has been estimated that at least 63% of home in the United States have pets in them. That translates into more than 88 million cats and nearly 75 million dogs around the country. To get more of pet owners in your community come to you for vet care, you can buy a targeted list of animal lovers in your region. Find a reputable company and augment your list with one you have purchased. Some companies will provide you with mailing label stickers, for others you may have to do your own. It might make more sense to do some of this printing in house.
  2. Make your mail stand out. While you can do some of the printing in your practice, the mailing label stickers can be done in your office. The design and printing of your actual mail pieces needs to be professionally done. People get a lot of mail and you are competing with advertising outside of just the mail that comes in. Make it simple, fun and reflect your brand and your business motto. All of your messaging needs to be repetitive.
  3. Make your mailers matter. Give something away. All pet owners have to deal with certain shots and medications that need to be done annually or twice a year. All of the cat and dog people in your community will want to protect their animals from fleas, for instance. Early each season, you can send out veterinary reminder postcards with a coupon for a discount on that medication. Give your clients a reason to come in or call during a set period of time to give your mail a sense of urgency. “Bring this in by the 10th of the month to receive x% off your pet’s flea protection medication.” This is called a “call to action” and can be very helpful in making your mail matter.
  4. Personalize your direct mail. People are forgetful. Young and old people lose their keys from occaisionally. Younger people can be more forgetful even. Research shows that about 15% of young people will forget what day it is and 14% lose their keys from time to time. Compare that to old people, 7% of older American adults forget what day of the week it is and only 8% lose their keys. Sending reminder cards for their pet’s vet appointment will help make sure they keep it.
  5. Think like your customer. How do you react when you get direct mail? What stands out to you? Are there pieces that turn you off? Are there other pieces that drive you to act? Consider how you feel about your mail and incorporate those ideas when you send mail to your clients and customers. If it would turn you off, change it.

Your veterinary business is very personal to you and your clients. Everyone wants to think they are doing the right thing for their pets, who are very much a part of most people’s families. Having said that, getting a chance gto save money on the medical care they need is always a good thing. Sending direct mail pieces with sales, reminders and general tips is easier than ever. You can automate the printing of everyhing from the cards to your mailing label stickers. These help you provide a better service and grow your practice.