For Your Animal Child What You Should Know About Spay And Neuter

In the United States, our furry family members are the most important. They provide us with unconditional love, cuddles, laughter, and the best of memories. Our furry family members are our best friends. Because of this, we always take great care of them. That way, they are always happy, healthy, and able to spend an ample amount of time with us; whether that time is spent cuddling, playing fetch, petting them, or being met with kisses and love. However, there will be times in which we have to employ someone else to care for our furry family members.

We take our furry family members to professionals, such as vets. There are many reasons why we must take our beloved dogs or cats to a veterinary clinic. Similar to humans, dogs and cats can develop arthritis. In fact, one out of four dogs in the United States alone have some form of arthritis. In addition, similar to humans, dogs and cats can also develop dental disease. To be more specific 80% of pet dogs and 70% of pet cats have periodontal disease. Arthritis and dental disease are only some of the reasons to take your family member to a vet hospital.

One of the important reasons you should take your pet to the local vet is for spaying and neutering. Here’s what you should know about spay and neuter

Spay And Neuter

If you have a female, furry family member she will need to be spayed. If you have a male, furry family member he will needed to be neutered.

Overpopulation: Whether you spay a female or neuter a male, these medical procedures are done for virtually the same reason. Spaying and neutering ensures that your furry family member can get get pregnant or impregnate another furry animal. This is ideal for overpopulation. In the United States, we love our animals but we do not want too many of them! Sometimes when there are too many, they end up being mistreated or put down. We want all our furry friends to be taken care of properly!

Healthy, Long Life: Some people may not know this, but spaying and neutering will give your dog or cat a longer, healthier, and happier life. Dogs can live a longer life by one to three years. Cats can increase their lifespan by three to five years. Most importantly, spaying and neutering can protect your furry family members from certain diseases, such as tumors, prostate cancer, uterine cancer, and ovarian cancer just to name a few. Your dog or cat will live its best life after spaying and neutering!

Roaming: It is proven that without spaying or neutering, dogs and cats feel the urge to roam more often. This means they travel out in public away from their homes. Not only is this sad and scary for you, because you have to search for them, but it is scary for your dogs or cats. Roaming can cause your dog or cat to contract diseases that can really hurt them. Therefore, for their protection, you should spay or neuter your pets so they do not roam.

Benefits Of Spay And Neuter

There are many benefits of spaying and neutering your furry family members. Some of them are mentioned above.

Heat Cycles: If you have a female dog or cat that is not spaying yet, you have experienced the time when she is going through her heat cycle. This can be quite the nuisance to you, and your pet will most certainly be in a poor mood. Not only that, but during their heat cycles, males are more attracted to them. With spaying, your female pet will not have a heat cycle and no other pets will be attracted to her.

Spay And Neuter Cost: Some pet owners assume that the spay and neuter cost of these procedures would be fairly high. However, spay and neuter cost is affordable. This is one of the benefits of the procedure. Typically, the spay and neuter cost is two hundred dollars. However, if you cannot afford that, there are lower cost clinics. Some pet owners can get the procedure done for free.