Horse Stall Bedding How You Can Save Money

When confining a horse in a stall, you’ll need to provide some bedding for the animal, the expense of which can rapidly pile up. There is a good chance that you are utilizing pine shavings horse stall bedding, or some other type of bedding material that is easily accessible in your region. This video explores ways to reduce the amount of money spent on horse stall bedding.

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If you’re looking to save money on bedding, buying in bulk could be a great option. When placing a large order, many businesses will provide discounts, free delivery, or special services. Place an order for an entire truckload for a single delivery. This may help you avoid having to pay numerous delivery fees for separate orders of a lesser quantity.

Horses that spend most of their time out of their stall require less bedding than those that do it inside. If your horse chooses to relax outside, the stall won’t need as much bedding and won’t require as much cleaning as it otherwise would.

Be sure to throw away soiled bedding and reuse any which still looks like it’s in good shape. Use the deep litter method to prevent the needless waste of bedding and to cut down on the amount of time spent cleaning stalls.