How Pet Wellness Plans Can Help Older Dogs Live A Longer, Happier Life

Health care for your animals

How is your dog feeling lately? Are they still playful and full of energy? Your dog’s health is no doubt important to you and something you think about frequently. When they start getting on in their years, it’s essential to make sure they have the care they need to still live a happy and fulfilling life. Pet wellness plans are becoming an increasingly popular option for American dog owners, particularly those that could use a little peace-of-mind throughout the year when their furry friends are starting to show signs of age. With a myriad of different plans for all kinds of dog breeds and budgets, caring for senior dogs has never been easier.

How Many Dogs Are There In The United States?

Dogs are one of the most popular pets by a landslide. They’ve been reigning supreme right along cats for many decades now and it’s not hard to see why they’ve held such a steady place in our hearts. Studies have shown anywhere from 40% to 50% of all American households have a dog and quite a few boast several. This makes pet wellness plans all the more viable, as Americans across the country are ever keen to keep their furry friend as happy and healthy as possible.

What Are The Most Popular Dog Breeds?

There are dozens of different dog breeds that have been jealously guarded over the years for their iconic appearances, hereditary personalities and function across society. Some households prefer toy dogs, such as the Pug or Dachshund, for their lively personalities and more minimal upkeep. Other families, particularly those that are active, may be more interested in the Golden Retriever or Labrador for their friendliness and loyalty. Mixed-breeds, particularly from shelters, are popular for their fewer health issues.

What Are Common Health Problems In Dogs?

Dogs face a variety of health problems from the time they’re puppies to their senior years. Purebred dogs, unfortunately, are the most predisposed to common health issues and often require the most upkeep compared to mixed-breeds. Hip dysplasia, vision problems and breathing issues are some of the most frequent struggles faced by purebred dogs and something to be aware of when they get older.

What Should I Keep In Mind For My Dog?

It’s incredibly important to get your dog spayed or neutered. Although the majority of pets are either obtained from acquaintances or family members, and another 30% from breeders, a significant portion come from shelters and rescue centers. To narrow down the amount of feral animals on the street and reduce the strain put on your local animal control, a quick spay or neuter session will do wonders for your dog, your budget and the country at large.

What Do Pet Wellness Plans Do For Me?

When your dog becomes sick or gets into an accident, pet wellness plans can ensure they get the right care in the right way. The pet insurance process is one that more dog owners are turning to lately and one that could make your life easier in the long run. When the country spends a collective $20 billion on pet food and $12 billion on pet supplies, a little support in pet health care will do wonders. Not all pet insurance plans offer vaccinations or wellness checks, however, so make sure to double-check before applying. You can even add certain features as they pertain to your dog’s unique health problems. With insurance for older pets, you can make sure their last few years are the happiest possible.