New Dog Owner? Don’t Make These 3 Common Mistakes

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animal hospitalThere are 46 million households in the United States that own dogs. If you’re thinking about joining that coveted group of dog lovers and bringing a new best friend into your life, it’s important that you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into. Far too many people just want to have a dog because they think it’ll be fun during their downtime, but the reality is that not everyone is cut out for dog ownership. If you have a tremendously busy schedule that requires you to be away from your home for long periods of time, you probably should think twice about buying a new dog.

If you’re fully aware of all the responsibilities that go along with owning a dog, then it’s time for you to bring home your new best friend. But it’s important that you know these common first time dog owner mistakes and never make them.

Not taking your dog to an animal hospital

The most important aspect about owning a new dog is making sure your dog is safe and healthy at all times. If you’re in need of emergency vet services because you notice your dog isn’t in good shape, it’s important that you take a trip to the animal hospital right away. Whether you need to go to the veterinary surgery department or just plan on stopping in for a quick checkup, make sure that you’re taking excellent care of your dog so that he or she remains happy and healthy for many years.

Not incorporating house rules right away

One of the worst things new dog owners can do is not put down any house rules when you bring home your dog. If you don’t teach your dog certain things, your home will be a free for all. Make sure to show your dog any area of your home that they are not allowed to go in, any items they aren’t allowed to touch, and show them where they are allowed to go to the bathroom.

Giving your dog too much food

Your dog isn’t going to measure out its own food, so you have to do it for them. Don’t just pour a large amount of food into the doggy bowl because they will more than likely eat all of it. If your dog eats too much food in too short amount of time, it’s going to get sick right away.

Take care of your new dog and have fun! If you want to talk to an experienced vet at a trusted animal hospital, contact one today!