Two Reasons to Pick Up Homemade Dog Biscuits

Dog treats made in usa

Homemade dog treats are akin to homemade cookies and other treats. You know the taste difference between store bought cookies and ones that come fresh from the oven, and your dog probably notices the difference too, since he can detect some if not most of the odors that come from everything in concentrations of parts per trillion. His nose can pick up smells about 1,000 times greater than you can as a human, since you have only about 5 million cells that detect smells whereas your dog has closer to 220 million. So consider homemade dog biscuits for your pup to make him happier.

Consider homemade dog biscuits as well because homemade dog biscuits tend to be made with more nutritious ingredients. They are not mass produced so they may cost a bit more, but mass production of dog treats made in usa markets and elsewhere often are loaded with the bad stuff and have little of the good stuff. Major brands that you may feel are good for your dog actually may not be doing anything positive for him, so go the homemade route and either learn how to make them yourself or purchase homemade dog biscuits from a baker who takes great care in making each batch of homemade biscuits as delicious and nutritious as the next. Your dog will no doubt wag his tail a little more when he smells and then sees what you have made or bought for him. He will know the difference.
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