Five Facts About Dog Health

Dog grooming denver

Many pet owners consider their pets to be equivalent to children, in fact, around 27 percent of pet owners have,at least once, taken their pet or pets to visit Santa, the Easter Bunny or other holiday icons. Many pet owners also have framed pictures of their pets displayed in their home, with around one third of dog owners doing so. Pet owners even tend to spend large amounts of money on their pets, buy taking them to services such as dog grooming denver and dog boarding denver.

Dog grooming denver is a popular service that pet owners utilize to keep their dogs looking their best. Features include fur trimming, nail clipping and flea and tick treatment. Denver veterinarians are also a common expenditure for pet owners, with services such as spaying and neutering, claw removal for cats, skin treatment, ear mite treatment, wound treatment and prevention and treatment for diseases such as heart worm and cancer. Veterinarian denver offices see millions of pets each year for a variety of pet health issues.

Dogs are interesting creatures. In fact, puppies are born without sense of sigh or hearing, they are toothless and almost completely without sense of smell. As they grow their senses develop and become better than those of humans. For instance, humans have 5 million smell detecting cells, while dogs have over 220 million, allowing them to smell 1,000 times better than humans. This extreme sense of smell allows dogs to tell the gender, age, health and emotional state of another dog by smelling its urine.

Dog grooming denver not only helps keep dogs looking nice, but can keep them in the best shape possible. My trimming unwanted hair from around eyes and ears, dogs are able to see and hear much better. Also, by keeping up with dog grooming denver, pet owners can prevent flea and tick infestation, which then prevents harsh skin conditions and diseases. Dog grooming denver can be highly beneficial to the health of all dogs. See this reference for more.