When Was the Last Time You Had a Pain Free Day?

The posts on Twitter would be funny if they were not so true and painful. Whether you are following college gymnast as they chronicle their workouts following retirement or you are reading online blogs about former baseball players or other athletes, there are time when these posts are difficult to read. The athletes themselves make jokes and slights about the workout pains that they suffer as their own bodies try to recover, but the pain is behind the posts.

In addition to creating a young following on many social media sites, the fact that so many young athletes are making their struggles public means that they are also helping promote a conversation about the kind of therapeutic measures that can help provide relief. Arthritis gloves, neck therapy products, and warm knee braces are just a sampling of the items that help athletes deal with the abuses that athletics has done to their bodies.

Animals and Humans Alike Benefit from Many Therapeutic Techniques and Supplies

As much pain as former athletes deal with, it certainly should come as no surprise that there are also many animals that suffer from the stress that has been put on their bodies from athletic outings. From race horses to dock dogs, there are many kinds of animals that also benefit from the relief that is provided by arthritis gloves and socks for therapy, as well as therapeutic blankets.

In addition to animals that are pushed to their limits from athletic and recreational outings, it is important to realize that many families also have aging pets that endure significant pain everyday. Animals, like humans, are living longer lives. With these longer lives, however, there are aches and pains. Family pets that can no longer climb stairs or run in the backyard can, fortunately, benefit from some of the same kinds of therapeutic supplies that allow humans more comfortable days.

As an example, as many as 44% of all households in the U.S. have a dog. When you realize that as many as 25% of pet dogs in the U.S. are diagnosed with some form of arthritis, you also begin to realize that many households are looking for ways to make sure that their furry best friends are comfortable. Pets on Twitter may not highlight the aches and pains of aging animals, but like their human counterparts, these animals are also looking for pain free days.