Whether Choosing a Vet, or Applying to Be One, Start With a List

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Did you know that there are 46,300,000 households that own dogs, and 38,900,000 that own cats? About 62% of all households have pets, according to the American Pet Products Association. Some animal lovers just keep animal companions for the joy of their company, and others end up going into the veterinary profession. Whether you are the former or the latter, having a listing of vets could be very helpful.

  • Check a vet listing for employment.
  • A list of veterinarians could help you zero in on vet offices hiring either veterinarians, or support staff. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there has been 33% growth in veterinarian jobs, with 19,700 new jobs since 2012. If you wish to find vet office jobs, use the listing, and check the websites of each that are in your desired area of employment.

    As a receptionist, front office manager, or support staff you may be required to manage phones, computers, clients, medical records, scheduling, supplies, food, and medicines. A vet office job is very demanding, and requires someone with a calm demeanor who can act appropriately in high emotion, and emergency situations. Someone in this position might also be required to process forms, certificates, and handle payment processing. However, if it is your dream to work in a veterinarian clinic, then you will work to acquire those skills.

  • Check listings of vets for animal care.
  • If you have no desire to work in a veterinarian clinic, but simply want to get care for your pet, then a list of veterinarians can also be helpful. If you need dog health information, or in a worst case scenario, an emergency dog hospital, you can check the listing for 24 hour veterinary clinics. With such a listing, you can even go through and check reviews of the staff, doctors, and offices before deciding which clinic to visit.

Whether you are new in the area and looking for animal care, or in search of a job working with all kinds of animals and people, a veterinarian listing will help you find exactly what you are looking for.