The Different Types of Veterinarians

Different vets focus on different veterinary services. In this video, the different types of vets are explained.

Companion Animals Vets
These vets work with pets of all kinds and are the most common type of vet.

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They provide veterinary services for all types of pets and those vary depending on the patient. Common practices include inoculations, dressing wounds, and general surgery.

Veterinary Practitioners
These vets have advanced training and expertise in a particular animal species or group. There are various different kinds of practitioners including those that specialize in canine care, feline care, equine care, and exotic animal care.

Veterinary Specialists
These kinds of vets can pursue countless specialties including surgery, dentistry, pathology, dermatology and much more.

Livestock Animal
These kinds of vets work with farm animals of all kinds. This includes cattle, sheep, and poultry birds. The kinds of animals they work with are usually being raised to be food sources. They test, treat and vaccinate against disease and they also inform farmers about housing, feeding, and general health needs.

The kind of veterinary services you are looking for depends on what kind of animals you have that need attention as well as what they need done. Contact a local vet for more information.