What to Know Before Boarding Your Pets

If you’ve been looking into boarding pets, odds are you probably have some questions about the process. This article today will answer some of those questions!

Types of Boarding

At a pet boarding facility, it will be common to find these options to choose from, day camp and overnight boarding. Depending on the duration of the stay, these prices will increase and each boarding facility will have different rates.

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While boarding pets, facilities will do their best to ensure your pet gets a chance to socialize and play with other pets. This is so that they are not kept in their cages all day and get to use their energy and get tired. Getting this social time is great for pets as it can help tire them which can help with their anxiety with being away from you.

Questions To Ask

Since each boarding facility is different, it’s important you know what questions to ask. You should ask questions relating to how they deal with giving dogs time outside if they offer any bathing services, and how they handle any special requirements due to a pet’s medicine or any disabilities. Asking these questions and knowing this will make your next pet boarding experience top-notch!